What will Web 3.0 have in store for us? 2

Last updated on November 10th, 2019 at 12:58 pm

Internet is ever evolving process. With due course of time in relationship with speed of internet upload and download speed the performance of website also see a comparatively newer graphics as it does not provide immense difficulties in loading of web page and does not have too much of lagging into downloading of webpages. Web 3.0 and web 4.0 and so one does provide one of immense change over into website and performance of website in correlation of website performance.

This article is the series of article which provide immense performances issues and from it comes the https or SSL website that makes website to load into immense possibilities and remove difficulties of page loading and performance issues. When the website management and its relation with performance comes into advance the content management system as well as the performance issues such as no latency of page loading and smoother performance of page performances comes into mind.

At one time the cost of SSL does come into advance and it was costly but now with the advance of content management system such as cloudflare does come into prominent when we think about the presence of smoother performance issues and it does provide several configuration options such as dns management and performance issues and it provides one of the most intelligent performance management and it provides one of most outstanding speed up of website.

In the hosting part one can find different management such as compressing images from server side such as smush image compression and also all of HTML, Ajax, java script files runs from another server and it loads them quickly and this is what web 3.0 is known for. In this way, even if the size of website is large but it comes from different speedier hosts and servers and loads all of these with faster and optimized compression and that is what modern website is consists of.

With AutoMinify you can reduce the size of the website code and thus it loads faster and in this way we can see the modern website and web runs as it segregates each and every part of website and then performance of website that matters the most and with each and every part is running with third party server the performance management comes into prominence. Most of website runs with CSS (Cascade Style Sheets), JavaScript and HTML and all of these can be compressed from another sever and thus spreading of website to and far and then running with these website makes it the most prominent part of running the new web.

In comparison with Brotli compression, the Gzip compression is inferior. So, most of content distribution website such as cloudflare works with Gzip compression and also it has preference for Brotli compression which works nicely than inferior. Caching of website does make page load faster and when it comes from the side of server such as Varnish cache provides faster website management. It works straight from server side and can cache both static and dynamic content to make and run website in faster way.

In the web 3.0 side of development we do find that server side management of resources such as static and dynamic files comes into prominence and it does provide one of most anticipated management of website construction and in this way website runs with different versions. It aims to provide faster web access for people and thus provide one of faster internet with live cloud management as well as more and more differentiated performance management.

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