Vodafone woes

Total lack of transparency and camouflaged rules and systems characterize Indian mobile companies to so much customer’s exploitation that a customer is always at loss to know which service-provider is a better cheat than the other. About a year back, I was disillusioned with the services of DOCOMO and discontinued all my connections being repeatedly cheated and substituting VODAFONE with its seemingly wonderful customer-friendly results. I had no complaints, whatsoever; against this service provider until a couple of months back when I had the real test of its character. It is no less horrible than my earlier connection and bothered me every now and again with its improper and irrational behavior and pick-pocketing actions.
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VODAFONE boasts of providing internet connection under four-rupee, sixteen rupee and ninety-eight rupee schemes with the latter claiming to be of 720 hours of uninterrupted internet connectivity limited to 4-GB of late. Until recently, this offer was unlimited, but now not so, since a month or so. The most perplexing thing is that you do not know when the 4-GB barrier is achieved. Not knowing as to how much I had used, I carried on internet to find it blocked finally in the midst of the important work I was undertaking and the SIM exhibiting debit balances of six rupees, though it had a credit balance of about sixty rupees.
As I was to continue the internet, I recharged the SIM with one hundred eleven rupees to find a credit balance of one hundred five rupees in my mobile. I then sent one SMS for debiting my account with ninety-eight rupees for 4-GB internet which promptly was debited, showing my mobile a credit balance of seven rupees. Despite every step I took and after making the required payment, internet connection has not been restored to me so far. Why the service provider did this without any rhyme or reason is hard for me to understand. If there is some rule which blocks my service, it should have been advised to me instead of putting me into inconvenience and loss. Conversely, they should have refunded the ninety-eight rupees they had debited to my account if it was not possible on their part to provide me internet connection. In no way, they should have kept me guessing and grabbing my money or, rather, temporarily misappropriating it.
Now, VODAFONE needs to apprise me as to:
Why it showed a debit balance (as in a post-paid connection) in my pre-paid connection which should always have a credit or zero balance ;
Why it blocked my internet connection today, i.e. on 08-04-2011 when I had adequate credit balance and I had already opted for a ninety-eight rupee scheme for which payment has already been received by them under their confirmation and under their assurance that internet will be provided;
Why the VODAFONE service provider chooses to hoodwink the public by not providing any clarification on the actions arbitrarily initiated by it or laws suited to cater its own needs?

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