Thorium can give us an unending source of green energy:Part2

So, the billion dollar question is why nuclear power is not utilized to its full potential as it seems and it proves that it is safer now and it is cost effective also , so why not it is being utilized to its full potentials? The answer of it is very simple as in turn these power can be utilitsed for destruction.

Let us understand it more and analyze with some bright eyes. Uranium is our premium source of nuclear power generation. Uranium is never found in a natural state , as it is mostly found in the form of oxides, such as Uranniite (UO2) or Pitchblende (U3O3). Uranium comes with mixture of two isotopes U-235 and U-238. On U-238 isotopes 99.3 percentages of Uranium , on the contrary only 0.7 percentage at U-235 isotope.

Thorium can give us an unending source of green energy

Both U-235 and U-238 isotopes are unstable and radioactive . In layman’s term they release nuclear particles in steady stream motion as they turned into lead. Uranium needs to be enriched in order to use it on a nuclear reactor. The enriching of Uranium means the concentration of U-235 is increased from 0/7 percentage to around 5 percentage. During the fission process an atom of Uranium-235 releases the alpha particles, which has two neutrons and two protons and they are attached to each other.

Alpha particle travels and then absorbed by the nucleus of another atoms and two or thee new neutrons . These process goes on extremely faster pace , and thus generates a huge amount of energy . The back side of this is the waste product of this process. These waste products can be used to create new nuclear weapons . If this process can be changed or altered then it can be most vital aspect of nuclear weapons reduction.

The alternative way:

There is an alternative way , in which more amount of energy can be generated , that is the nuclear energy, that is through Thorium ,and this fuel does not lead to creation of weapons of mass-destruction from its waste product. Specifically, for this prime reason most of the governments across the worlds are not interested in this. Though through Thorium more energy can be produced but it hardly gives the waste products as it is solely requisite for making and creating the weapons of mass destruction.

Aim High!: Thorium energy cheaper than from coal solves more than just global warming.

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