Thorium can give us an unending source of green energy: Part 1

What is green power?
Green power is also known as pollution free power and it is friendly and good for human beings. It uses antimatter ,and the usage of anti matter can be friendly and these antimatter can extract huge quantity of power, even so much so that the whole of earth consumption of power can be met or fulfilled.

What is antimatter?
Anti matter is the exact opposite of matter , when these collides a huge array of vast energy is generated and in practical sense this concept building and the research on it is still on and it is in the process of research.

can give us an unending source of : Part 1

 The growth of power:
Nuclear fusion is a process when two atomic nuclei fuse each other to construct a heavier metal and in the process of generating the heavier metal a huge amount of energy is generated. Even , still today a huge amount of research to be done on anti-matter and nuclear fusion, Still today a bulk of power is generated from coal and petroleum based products , which ultimately creates huge amount of green house gases which led to pollution.
,hydroelectricity,wind and tidal powered power source as it does still today as in most part of the world. These are not sufficient and these are mostly costly and most of the individuals cannot afford in their house holds. The cheapest power source is nuclear fusion. At this junction less than fifteen percentage of power source comes from nuclear power.
France is the major beneficiary of nuclear power for domestic consumption and US is major beneficiary of nuclear power for military consumption . These days , we use military reactors of self limiting design , so it is virtually not possible for the reactors to go out of the way. In Japan , after tsunami the old reactors becoming the causality but the newer reactors stay safe even during this catastrophe. So , in short the modern reactors are safe and good.
Part 2 and Part 3 of this article is coming soon please stay tuned.

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