Oh, What A Way to Win The Cricket World Cup- 2011

India was hardly the favorite team when it won the cricket world cup in 1983. In contrast, India was the team tipped to win in 2011. In 1983, the individual brilliance of a couple of players like Kapil Dev and Mohinder Amarnath worked well for India. Still India won and won unexpectedly, perhaps, due to the unlikely collapse of the West Indies in the final and definitely for the best team work of our cricketers in the tournament. This time, it is similar to 1983 in the matter of team work and individual brilliance. But, one thing outstanding in this tournament was that fighting quality, consistent performance overpowered individual stupidity this time. At no time in the history of cricket, India had so many great players woven into a composite outfit to take on the mighty cricketers from Australia, South Africa, England, Pakistan, Srilanka and West Indies and baffled all of them and came out in flying colors in the end to emerge champions. This is awesome and extraordinary and something hard to believe, especially, in the background of the past Indian poor show a couple of decades back during which period we managed to reach the final on another occasion, losing to the mighty Australians by a huge margin.
It is no surprising that India is number one in ICC Test ranking and it is not any element of luck that it has won World Cup this time and moving closure to topple Australia from the number one position. India is now on the top of the world in both forms of cricket due to the dual dominance for over a couple of years, defeating the likes of  Australia and South Africa from their respective positions and rooting its seat with a firm foundation. Consistent performance, characterized by superlative brilliance of Tendulkar for over two decades in particular and Yuvaraj and Dhoni, along with Raina, Zaheer, Gambhir, Kohli, Sehwag and Harbhajan, especially, have given India a definite edge over the rest of the world. Our batting is now known as our bench strength; but our bowling is no less stingy. If our batsmen dominate the opponents’ bowlers, our bowlers baffle our enemies, though they are misleadingly written off by critics. Youngsters like Gambhir, Kohli and Raina extend adequate support to our outstanding experienced campaigners in devastating proportions.
Perhaps, another Tendulkar will never be born. His presence is enough to bud so many talents, all at a time and together they make an outfit, unmatched, unparalleled in the history of Indian cricket which earlier boasted of a couple of excellent cricketers every time.
Last but not the least, Dhoni’s leadership unquestionably is of the highest standard which is manifest in winning the World Cup this time and winning the 20-20 World Cup earlier. Dhoni’s leadership, Tendulkar’s performance and motivation, Yuvaraj’s determination and the rock-solid mentality of the entire team has achieved in reality which once was elusive and a distant dream.
I congratulate all the team members of the entire Indian team, its coach, Garry and the BCCI for giving the Indians the glory that was eluding all the time for the last twenty-eight years. Well done Indian cricket team. Keep it up. Well done, Sachin. Keep playing till the next world cup which will be ours also under your more solid performance and motivation.    

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