Import email and contacts from Yahoo,Hotmail or other web mail or POP3 accounts

If you have Gmail and must be you have Gmail account , then it is very easy to messages and contacts from other accounts . If you’re switching to Gmail from another email provider, importing contacts and messages from your old email account can help you make the transition without having to do a bunch of housekeeping.
You will only have to log in to yours favorite Gmail account and you can see in yours labels yours other accounts posts and in this way you can manage yours all the email accounts from different providers as well as you will save yours time as well as internet connectivity cost and value. It is also environmental friendly as it saves yours lots of energy consumption as well as yours makes earth safe as due to all in one place functionality you can now see all yours email at yours door step , least to say in yours one Gmail account.

This feature of Gmail is only available to all the email accounts except yours other Gmail account so it is an important step to remember. The second important step keep in mind that you’ll need to have access to that email account for this process to work.The third important point is This functionality is not available to Google Apps customers. For mail migration options for Google Apps please read this .
You cannot import messages from another Gmail address. If you´d like to connect two Gmail accounts permanently, you might consider setting up auto-forward.
Import email and contacts:

1. Click the Settings link in the top right-hand corner of your inbox.

2. Under the Accounts and Import tab, click the Import mail and contacts button. If you are using Google Apps For Your Domain, your tab will be called Accounts.

3. In the new window that opens, enter the email address of the account you’d like to import and/or contacts from. Click Continue.

4. Enter the password for your other email account. Click Continue.

5. Please select all the checkboxes that apply:

6. click Start import after you´ve made your selection.

7. You can check the status of your import by clicking the Accounts and Import tab on the Settings page.

8. When your import is complete, Google will display a confirmation message at the top of your inbox.

9. If 48 hours have passed and the process has not started, please post your issue in the help forum from Google .
10. Gmail doesn’t import messages that exceed 20 MB in size – you might want to check the size of any attachments on the message that haven’t been imported.

11. Still have doubt so refer to the vdo presentation which I have done in my sample Gmail import contract.

Important points to remember:

If you choose to import contacts, the information in your contacts list from your old account will be imported to your Contacts section in Gmail. If you select the Import mail checkbox, your existing messages in that account will be imported to your Gmail inbox.

If you like, you can also select the Import new mail for next 30 days checkbox so that messages sent to your old account within the next 30 days will be automatically imported to your Gmail account. These messages won’t appear in Gmail immediately once they’re sent to your other account, but this should update within a day or two. Please note that this doesn´t establish a permanent connection between the accounts, but terminates after 30 days. Generally the imports of all the contracts and mail is done within an hour though Google says it may take one or two days.

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