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Last updated on April 4th, 2019 at 05:31 am

Opera web browsers for desktop comes with many features. Out of it Opera Turbo, a virtual private network and many other features.

  • With modern technologies in web development, most modern websites show many graphics that take time to load even in faster internet connectivity.
  • If you are in the slow connectivity area or in areas where there is a problem in internet connectivity, then browsing websites becomes difficult.
  • Opera web browsers for desktop has its Opera Turbo for free to users since 2009.
  • It redirected web pages to its servers and then makes it the fraction of its original size.
  • In this way, the same web pages load faster even in the slower network connection.
  • Exactly the same multimedia contents will be there, but most of these will come on compressed sizes.
  • Even in the conditions of good network connectivity and faster network because of the lesser number of data used so you have more time to browse the internet with data stays for longer durations.
  • It is good for you when you are travelling as you need more data so you can connect to near and dear ones.
  • In these circumstances, Opera Turbo makes your life easier and removes all worries.
  • When you are using the laptop, then turn on Opera Turbo mode to make browsing faster.
  • If you are at the railway platform or at coffee houses where too many people would connect to WiFi then you can use Opera Turbo for faster internet browsing.

How does Do Opera Turbo work?

  • Opera Turbo mode is available for computers.
  • The web pages you visit go through Opera servers.
  • Then the server sees which components of web pages need further compression.
  • It reduces image pixel sizes and correct buffering patterns of videos so that these take lesser number of internet data.
  • Then, it sends back these smaller-sized web pages back to the Opera web browser of the computer.
  • They redirect most of the non-SSL sites that start from HTTP to Opera servers.
  • Most secure sites that optimise to load faster with encrypted connectivity does not require compression.
  • With Opera Mini, and its data savings mode enabled most of the secure and non-secure websites goes through Opera servers to load website faster. Opera says it respects the privacy of users.

How to enable Opera Turbo?

  • Download the latest version of Opera web browser for Windows.
  • Open Opera Web Browser. Go to MENU and then SETTINGS.
  • Then to BROWSER.
  • Then scroll down till OPERA TURBO. Then enable checkbox beside ENABLE OPERA TURBO.
  • It requires Opera web browser to restart to enable Opera Turbo.

How to enable both Opera Turbo and Opera VPN at the same time:

  • If you enable VPN (virtual private network) then Opera Turbo will automatically disable.
  • So it is important to disable VPN in Opera in order to enable Opera Turbo.
  • In order to use both Opera Turbo and VPN in opera at one time then one can enable Opera Turbo on the regular window of Opera.
  • In PRIVATE MODE of Opera, one can simultaneously enable VPN to use both services of Opera at the same time.
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