Notification of an issue affecting your PostRank Connect account

From the The PostRank Team :

We recently made an update to our system, which now requires PostRank Connect account holders to have at least one RSS-enabled website verified in their accounts. Until that action is completed, Connect account holders won’t be able to fully access their Connect or Analytics accounts. Fortunately, verifying a site can be completed in a minute or two.

At the same time, we discovered a bug that had the same result — un-verifying members’ websites and requiring them to re-verify at least one existing site, or add a new site and its related information and verify it. We’re really sorry about that, though the bug has been fixed. Unfortunately, we can’t re-verify sites for Connect account holders.
All the information about how to verify a site is in our blog post:
If you run into any issues, or have questions, please let us know.
Again, our apologies for the inconvenience.
The PostRank Team

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