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Twitter has imposed reasonable limits to help prevent system strain and limit abuse. If you hit a technical limit, we’ll tell you by showing an error message in your browser when you try to perform an action.Every account can follow 2,000 users total. Once you’ve followed 2,000 users, there are limits to the number of additional users you can follow.
This number is different for each account and is based on your ratio of followers to following; this ratio is not published. Follow limits cannot be lifted by Twitter and everyone is subject to follow limits, even high profile and API accounts.In addition to this account-based limit, every Twitter account is technically unable to follow more than 1,000 users per day.Some API administrators have white list status so that their applications can function without hitting system limits for direct messages and API requests per hour. White listing does not increase the follow limits and all accounts are subject to the same follow limits and rules.
If you hit the Twitter follower limit what should you be doing?If you’ve reached the account-based follow limit (after you’ve followed 2,000 users), you’ll need to wait until you have more followers before you can follow additional users. Follow limits are system-wide and Support cannot remove or adjust your follow limits.If you want to just follow a few more accounts and are unable because of your account-based follow limit, you can unfollow a few accounts you’re currently following. Reduce the numbers of followers from 2000 so that you can follow some new accounts.

As the reasons behind these restrictions are according to Twitter :

Hitting a follow limit doesn’t mean we think you’re a spammer. These limits help us improve site performance and reliability and help us make Twitter a nice place for everyone. We’ve included a more in-depth discussion of why we have follow limits on the Follow Limits and Best Practices Page.

In short these provisions done by Twitter  and implemented on its user’s in order to stop aggressive followings.Following users is a way to see their updates in your timeline. If an account seems interesting, feel free to follow it! Many Twitter users receive email notifications when someone follows their account or check out the profiles of new followers to see if they share common interests. If some accounts are aggressively or indiscriminately following hundreds of accounts just to garner attention, it makes Twitter a less-nice place to hang out.

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Finally, this will clear all the notions Twitter facilitates social networking, but it’s not a social networking website. In fact, Twitter works quite differently from social networks: when you accept friend requests on social networks, it usually means you appear in that person’s network and they appear in yours. Following on Twitter is different, because instead of indicating a mutual relationship, following is a one-way action that means you want to receive information, in the form of tweets, from someone. Twitter allows people to opt-in to (or opt-out of) receiving a person’s updates without requiring mutual following.

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