Disable Suggested Sites in IE 8

IE 9 won’t work on XP but so it is a better placed idea to install it on XP as it is more secure and most vital aspect of XP computing as it is inhibited with OS so it is a better idea to install of XP.There are some more announced features of but less of work and sometimes annoying to the user, one is in IE 8 .How to turn off the Suggested Sites feature in IE 8. This feature looks at the sites you visit and then attempts to guess what other sites you might like and suggest them to you. Here is how to do it.

Disable Suggested Sites in IE 8

      • Open IE 8 , then go to Tools and then Internet Options.
      • then go to Advanced tab
      • In the Settings list, scroll down under “Browsing” and search the checkbox labeled “Enable Suggested Sites.” Uncheck it.
      • Left click “OK”
      • To remove the Suggested Sites link from the Favorites Bar, right click it and select Delete.
      • Left click Yes to confirm that you’re sure you want to remove the shortcut.

Last not the least a good and happy news for Windows XP users as Google Chrome’s latest version is optimized and enhanced for Windows XP.

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