Change your XP computer’s name

What’s Computer name:

A computer name identifies your computer on the network. To participate in the network, each computer must have a unique name. If two computers have the same name, it creates a conflict for network communications. When choosing a computer name, it is suggested you keep it short and simple, such as family or den.

Some Internet service providers (ISPs) require that you use a specific computer name. The computer name identifies the computer to the ISP’s network and is used to validate your Internet account. Check with your ISP to see if they require a specific computer name. If so, do not change the computer name provided by your ISP.
The computer name is limited to fifteen characters and cannot contain spaces or any of the following special characters:
; : ” < > * + = | ? ,

The computer description is a short explanation of the computer. For example, if you have a computer in your family room, the description could be “family room computer.” If your network is a combination of Windows operating systems, such as Windows XP, Windows Millennium Edition, and Windows 98, the computer description is only displayed on Windows XP. (Source:Windows Help & Support Centre)

Change your XP computer’s name:

You have accepted XP computer’s default name during the installation of Windows XP may be you wanna to change it right now for various reasons then there are solutions out here.Please, read it out here.The name change is very easy it does not involve difficult registry hack or Dos commands.
Change your XP computer's name
Here’s how:

  • Click Start button then My Computer and right click on it. 
  • Left click Property then Computer Name tab from System Properties dialogue box
  • Left click the change button
  • In the Computer Name field, type the new name ,add a description in the Computer Description field
  • Click OK to close out the dialog box.
  • Changes will take effect after you restart the computer.

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