Aquaguard total reviva waterpurifier woes

It dates back to 1982, when ambassadors from , with a new concept of living in a clean environment and in its purest form knocked on your door. They called themselves friends for life and they proved that they indeed were. continues to be the best friend in Indian Households after three decades and the sentiments have not changed.

This service deficiency complaint was lodged by me in the Aquaguard
website” dated 31.03.11 and the response received today is: “Thank you for the service request. We will get back to you shortly.Your web service request ticket no is: c807f14d81e7”
This service deficiency complaint was lodged by me as follows:
The product(AQUAGUARD WATERPURIFIER) was purchased on 12.06.2010 and is well within the guarantee period. During nine months of purchase,  it has troubled me so much that in addition to two free servicing which I have already availed, I have paid for three SFilter candles as the service provider tells that those candles had gone out of order because of impure received from bore-well source. All the three times, I had paid two hundred thirty rupees for each of the candles. Despite two times of free servicing and three times of S Filter change, the speed of flow has not increased; rather it has started slowing down after every time of servicing, so much so that that only nine to ten bottles of is available to our family per day for drinking purpose only. Now, the service-provider tells me that there is inadequate pressure for -flow at my residence, which I contradict with my simple logic that, at the time of purchase, about ten to twelve buckets of were received daily, and now only about ten bottles. I find no solution to my query and am inconvenienced beyond manageable tolerance.During the past nine months , they have changed its capacitor and blower on two occasions admitting that the trouble I am confronted with has only one equal during their entire service period as only another customer is having the similar harrowing experience.
I hope I have reached you fully. I only request you to restore my confidence of about two decades of unflinching devotion and allegiance for your products, such as Aquaguard, Vacuum Cleaner during my stint as Bank High-end  Executive.I am waiting for their response and outcome of my complaint will find coverage in my subsequent writings.

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