5 Important Security Tips for you

  • Use Proactive Threat Protection advanced technologies, like cloud, provide more proactive detection by analyzing application behavior in real-time. By executing code in an emulated environment, modern protection software can prevent damage and contain the threat before it’s too late.Traditional antivirus products rely heavily on virus signatures to detect viruses. This is the catch as virus cannot wait for the anti virus updates so modern technology enabled antivirus  can be a great protection with the new standard of cloud technology where you always connect to the antivirus vendor sites to be updated when it is needed.
  • Stay Patched always and for it you need to have genuine Windows installed and always update through Windows update service it is also recommended to update through Microsoft updates as it will enable all Microsoft products say Microsoft Office can be updated simultaneously on one single platform.
  • Trust but Check, check email always and scanned before use it as email comes from some one’s computer and it may be affected,You will never get millions of dollars, or even hundreds of dollars for helping someone by providing your bank account to store their money. You will always lose money trying to make money this way because it is always a scam that requires you to pay more money than you will have already received.
  • Be Careful while downloading files , only download files from trustworthy sources, always back up yours important documents as it will save you in rainy days.
  • Be Protected always and subscribe to Microsoft Windows update news services from  the Start programs menue, open the Control Panel and select System Properties. Click on the “Automatic Updates” tab and make sure that automatic updates are enabled.Always update yours proactive antivirus or anti malware regularly.

via: ESET

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