Wild life in India

Indian traditions are perhaps the oldest in the human civilization. So far till-to-date there are no single civilizations that carried the traditions, ethos and culture for so many years untouched. With this continuous forms of life movement from one segment but still the traditional values are there for all of us to see and experience. India is a vast country. There have been many shades of climatic situations. From extreme cold to extreme hot weather and presence of monsoon all over shows us the versatility and th`e main manifestation of different civilization experiences.

There have been vast rivers and many rivers of India come from either from the Himalayas or from South Mountain ranges. Vindhya ranges are considered to be one of the oldest survival mountain ranges of the world. In total contrast, we could see the presence of a young mountain range such as the Himalayas. This shows us the versatility and the diverse variants of culture all over India.

This has complete reflection of wild life and habitat population and goes on to show the presence of some of the widest forms of varieties of wild life and plantation. The mighty presence of the Himalayas goes on to show the widest varieties of the presence of animals and most of them are still not discovered due to the presence of such difficult terrains. With the increase of altitudes in nature hinterlands the shades of living presence of animals also undergoes complete changes.

The northern plains due to flow of the river the Ganges and its subsidiaries and the western desert arena have presence of different wild animals all over. Deccan Plateaus be considered to be constructed upon ancient volcano erupted rocks and most of these areas lies in the rain shadows arena. On the other side of the Western Ghats does provide rain support forest and related habitats. These places do provide temporary shelters for migratory birds, due to the ancient nature of such forests. In estimation, there has been 350 species of mammals, 2,100 kinds of birds. It includes both local and migratory.

Apart from this, there has been 350 species of mammals and countless insects and these numbers could be on the rise and this goes on to show how such and such presence of diverse presence of land goes on to show, the possible presence of large varieties of species. This has been mainly due to the fact throughout the history of Indian civilization there has been the greater emphasis on the protection of forests and wild life. Throughout Indian civilization we have found there has been greater respect towards wild life and habitats.

Emperor Ashoka in his edicts has asked to preserve wild life and habitats. During the reigns of Emperor Chandragupta, the tag line was that about ‘forest free from fear’ were identified and then protected. This process is still in India, and continues to have such presence of land where there are places exclusively for wild animals so that they should live their natural life without fear. It is the ethos of Indian cultural entities, and still this day we have wild life sanctuaries especially for protection of animals.

Due to the rapidly increasing state of Indian population, more and more jungle lands,has been cut off and that disturbs normal animal livings, and for this there has been greater demand for India’s wildlife sanctuaries. Due to this infinite stretches of animals are in the state of extinction, such and such kinds of animals could be found in such sanctuaries because of the presence of such wild life sanctuaries. Similarly, the presence of tigers gone in the rapid decrease and for this there was the beginning of conservation of tigers in the name of ‘the project Tiger’ which was initiated in the year 1973.

Now. It is a massive project and as the result of this we could find the presence of large number of such wildlife sanctuary. This lead massive increase of large number of tigers and that clearly shows us the presence of such well-calculated move to preserve ultimate cultural ethos and other factors that enable us to think and move beyond normal forms of ideas to indicate that we should help t o preserve such the state of presence of cultural ethos of India.

People during holidays love to reach out to these sanctuaries and watch how animals are feeling the presence of complete freedom, this joy people and let them see how animals are freely roaming around here and there without any concern of environment and fear psychosis. In Hindus religion, there has been may be respects to animals from wider categories and how people tend to respect animal all around and how such the state of extreme respect are still there and people continue to have their living with peace and complete devotional presence.

We have seen how people in forest lands have been worshipping the nature and animals and that makes us to believe that, he sheer traditions and the respect are inbuilt within ours senses and goes on to prove ultimately how ours life and its related surroundings are so much of beautiful presence of ultimate satisfaction that make us to understand the beauty of life at its complete wonders. In Odisha, the Nandakanan sanctuary at the outset of a capital city of Odisha has been famous for rare white tigers which have been famous worldwide. We have seen how such immense stretches of jungle lands have been preserved even at the state of extreme modernization.

Shimilipal sanctuary is famous for most visitors. People reach to sanctuaries to have glimpses of wild life views. There have been famous stories of the friendship between the tiger and the guard and that makes popular in the entire state. It is the sheer presence of such gallant stories which relate humans with animals in terms of emotional moments. It is the presence of such animals in their natural conditions needs to be viewed and their expressions needs to be looked into complete detail to understand how such and such state of extreme freedom that goes on to show how one could find the beautiful places of earth where everyone should have equal guts and confidence to live there.

Most humans sees freedom as it is and they find it sweet and mostly the most beautiful asset and ultimately one could also see the presence of such the level of freedom within minds of animals in these sanctuaries, protected lands or in natural jungles and this is the freedom they want and that makes entire world a beautiful place to live on. Ultimately the beauty of such presence of all sorts of wild life in their natural habitats goes on to prove and balance the lands of such presence where we could find extremely balancing trend setters of eco balance that would be great for humans for creating a balanced environment.

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