Why combat software piracy?

Last updated on March 30th, 2019 at 09:25 am

The term software belongs to Computers. Softwares are vast accumulation of codes constructed to work in a certain way inside the Windows Operating system environment. Software can run platform independent or platform dependent. Development of software needs plenty of time and labor and mind to create it.

There are many companies and enterprises that make teams develop well organised and commercial software. They sell it and make revenue out. Most of enterprises as well as individual who need these software buy it the original version and use it. Some times, due to nature of high price, many individuals unable to buy it and they some times go for software piracy.

Software piracy is to use the full version of software without purchasing it. On another term without going to buy software but go for to use it without prices or for free of cost. There are many so called sites which upload pirated versions of fullsoftwares. They provide some sort of cracked version or provide key generatrs touse for persons who downloaded from these sites.

It hosts these websites in countries where piracy is not illegal. That is why it is difficult to stop these sites from distributing pirated software worldwide. Many people who have no capacity to buy full software go to these sites to download pirated softwares. With due course of time most of are companies have developed the way out to create and manage these piracies through stronger encryption credentials.

That is why most of these pirated versions of softares comes up with key generators. Many hackers in order to gain upperhand into computer of users create farcical pirated software sites and allow users to donwload pirated contents. They try to create a catch situation for users who donwload these softwares from such sites. Normally these pirated softwares comes up with trojans and key loggers and automatically installed on user computer.

When the user after donwloaidng these software from sich sites and install it on the computer it automatically installs trojans or keyloggers into user computers. Tojans stsys in computers nd sends sinsitive informations to hackers remotely and that makes computer infected with malwares. Keyloggers sends each and every key clicks from keyboards and that can endanger the presence of all such sensitive passwords such as financial informations and others that is in use by user.

having taken your passwords and other sensitive information ultimately, hacker can open your financial password and steal all the finances or other major outbreak as the result of it. Or hacker can sell these informations to modern thieves who work with online and modern technologies to steal away all such finaces within pulses of seconds.

That is why if some one not afford to buy these full software then go for other free alternatives instead or just not use it at al. Downloading from these pirated sites can make or break your online identity and hackers can steal your online identity ad that will be the most difficult time for users.

With more and more people buying full software ultimately, the benefits will increase and price of software goes downwards. If more people go for software piracy then ultimately the number of purchaser goes downward and pricegoes upward and many times, many compaies unable to bear the cost of software development and that can shut down thse softwares abruptly.

That is why it is right to fight software piracy at the individual level and if people not able to buy software, then they can go for free alternative but not for piracy to develop and support prolonged software support and development. When a new software purchased by user then, slowly, users gets security and cumulative updates with it and that makes computing environmental absolute secure and your personal data and management of these services secured completely.

This article updated on 30/03/2019
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