Why combat software piracy

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In the cold weekend night,seating  in the lounge , thinking about the sky and looking at it and beyond it but the specific thought launches to me about the piracy. It is a critical issue and may be good for one and bad for all or none who knows but time is changing as always it is been as now-a-days yours system will be more vulnerable and more to the disaster if you are suing the pirated copies, the million dollar question is why and I will try to explain it now but this explanation will not cover so called moral issues like the money and goes in making this software etc.First thing it is illegal more so like stealing in fact in some countries lots of strong and defined law is present in order to curb this mend this and in some countries it is completely in the opposite side of the pole .In most of the countries many people even not aware of this and the most dangerous and lack luster use of this , suppose you have four system in yours house hold and you buy a software fro one year for one computer the tag line is for one computer but you are using it on four computers so this is one of type of software piracy.Even if you use on offline computer on more than one system then it is piracy nevertheless. So, first and foremost point of attention is consciousness of user.

    There are many gain if you use original software or registered software to name a few if you have software then you have access to crucial updates from the software vendor. Software manufacturers issue these updates, called patches, on a regular basis to fix security flaws before they can be widely exploited by criminal hackers.On the contrary if you are using the pirated version then you will be facing data corruption,trojans,

    lacking critical updates ,yours identification theft or credit card mishandle , zero-day attack and to name a few installations of malwares to slow yours computer down to the speed of turtle .

    So followings are the tips to ensure the location of legitimate softwares:

    software from credible and authorized online shops. Better still, purchase directly from the publisher�s website . This information courtesy PC Tools newsletter

  •   Register your software with its maker to receive critical updates to your program, including patches to security flaws that are discovered by the software publisher

  •     Don�t install the software on more than the licensed number of PC�s. For example, a 3 PC license product should only be installed on up to 3 PC�s.

  •        Always check the software version you have purchased or installed to verify it is not a promotional or demo version

  •     Check the �trust mark� as well as the retailer�s record while purchasing software online. If there is any doubt, conduct web searches about the site or the vendor to determine its legitimacy

  •    Look for proof of authenticity, such as original disks, manuals, licensing agreements, service policies, warranties and a security seal


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