Top 5 countires where longetivity is high

San Marino seconda torre

Some writings say the longetivity depends upon the climatic condtionalities , some say it depends upon the so called race of humans and many say it depends upon the way of life we are currently accustomed with. If some one asks me then I will sure say it depends upon the peaceful of mind, sound conditons,good climatic conditonalites , sound food habits and of course good uqlaity life styles.You may differ on this .Even the planet earth we are living now ,has also limitations of longetivity.We will be talking about now the countires where the avaerage age of humans is way ahead in simplier terms there longetivity is high.

  1. Andorra:Average age: 83.51 Years
  2. Macau:Average age: 82.19 Years
  3. San Marino Years & Singapore:Average age: 81.71
  4. Hong Kong:Average age: 81.59 Years
  5. Japan:Average age: 81.25 Years

Source – World Bank, World Development Indicators

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