Tab Bar Placement with Opera brwoser

Opera web browser,the only web browser not related to any bigwig companies like IE with Microsoft ,Safari with Opera , Chrome with Google but the significane of it proves the real talent of Opera brwoser that it is standing with its head high among all these cut throat web browsing competitions and the most important part is Opera most of times introduces many new innovations which later other browsers adopted from time to time. Today we will be looking at Opear�s amother innovation of Tab Bar Placement which not only enahnces the seer fucntionality of Opera browser but also it is user�s defined and for user�s convenience. It is a great asset , a simple function but it is placing you  multi faciticious positions.Let us observe this trend.

Open Opera then open a tab and then right click on that tab, from the drop down menu go to the


Tab Bar Placement and then choose Tp,Left ,Right and Buttom accoirding to yours convenience and you are done.

Tab Bar Placement with Opera brwoser1 (5)

Tab Bar Placement with Opera brwoser1 (7)

Download Opera.

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