Some good reasons for SoftMaker Office 2010

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  1. Impregnable graphics features :mirror, soft drop shadows, and image manipulation.
  2. Import and export wizards in TextMaker and PlanMaker.
  3. Versatile  spell checker in 20 languages.
  4. Much improved PlanMaker offers telling charts in presentation quality.
  5. Accesses even password-protected DOC, DOCX, XLS, and XLSX files.
  6. Data exchange seamless with Word 2007/2010 and Excel 2007/2010.
  7. Browsers like document tabs.
  8. Ameliorated PDF export.
  9. PlanMaker’s  have enhanced speed.PlanMaker comes with formula auditing, scenarios, and external references.

Sources & Citations: SoftMaker

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