Protect Yourself against Computer Viruses

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Investigate the location of email you are receiving and perceived to be wrong and unwanted. and unknown sources, be careful and do not click through and also check it or ignore it completely.Why even in snail mail ,mail from unknown sources ,we ignore it so same is for electronic mail.


Email attachments may be malicious and it can affect yours base system in which yours OS is running be careful of it.. Be especially careful of executable attachments that end in .exe, .pif, or .vbs, among others, and never open attachments that you aren’t completely sure about.Do not make yours email software  to automatically download the attachments even for more safer options turn off the automatically download the pictures in yours mail, it will give you dual benefits , it will secure your system and the second is it will speed up browsing if you are browsing the internet on slow connections.


Email addresses can be spoofed, which means they can appear to be sent from a different address than they really came from. Install virus scanning software more preferably antivirus suit on your computer, and keep it updated regularly and scan and clean any nasties on yours computer regularly. Make sure your computer’s operating system is up to date with the latest security upgrades and turn on automatic updates always , do not go by some bogus advices which says that update can be irritating and disable it do not heed that writing at all as through automatic update you can always be ahead of time and all the viruses and malwares.Always back up yours drive data with and also image yours OS with free software like Maricum Reflect or paid alternative of it Norton Ghost.

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