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I was reading one of Opera press releases , where the new Opera final version of the 10.60 browser attributes that it is faster than the fastest and this article will bring to light some of this author experience with this very good browser.The point to be noted here is of significance importance is Opera browser is definitely demands more space among the web browser users definitely .Opera is much of a synonym for speed and innovation.

Opera proudly says 50 percent faster than the previous version.At first hand this author experience some speed improvements .It seems more on security but the negative part is that it is slower to start as this version seems to start after few seconds from the previous version.

With more than 120 million active users surfing the Web on various Opera-powered devices, Opera seeks to provide the latest innovations to all web users.The sad part is that user�s consciousness as most of the users content with Internet Explorer or Firefox ,as both the browsers are good at their own right but of late Firefox is lagging behind the race with Google Chrome,Opera,Safari and Internet Explorer in this author�s view has gain some grounds.The prominent part Internet Explorer done so far it has surpasses the capacity and enhancements used to provide by Avant and Maxthon ,like tabbed browsing etc and even it has gone one step further with In Private browsing.For opera more known to mobile handsets users and it is getting ground .As per this website�s visitors concerned �Page view by Browsers� statistics ,Opera user�s 5% at 4 th place having Internet Explorer ,Firefox and then Google chrome. Please refer this screenshot.

Opera introduces Geo Location with this version as for layman�s view Geolocation eases the work of putting you on the map by determining your position. It has privacy concerns but Opera 10.60 gives you full control over when this feature is used.It is a good gesture , really appreciate this effort of Opera.Safari,Chrome also gives this feature.You can experience real-time downloads of the Opera browser from here using the geolocation feature of Opera 10.60.

Built-in video playback the open WebM format which will enable yours browsers for optimized video playback for all Operating systems in the version 10.60. Opera 10.60 introduces offline applications let you work using web-based applications, without Internet connectivity.Similar feature to Google Chrome�s �Create application shortcuts�.Opera says it is loading modern JavaScript-heavy sites such as Gmail and Face book faster but as this author experiences Safari 5 treats the JavaScript enabled site more fairly with its api working wonder and it is connecting good and in right way ,It seems Opera slight behind Safari in loading the modern JavaScript site like Google, Blogger, Face book to name a few.

Opera Turbo compresses the data going over your connection up to a factor of two or more, for those congested connections at caf�s or a mobile connection at the summerhouse.
It is a brilliant feature especially if you want to reduce yours monthly internet subscriber charges and also want to load the pages in normal condition faster. One little trick for you , if you want to load a page faster then just disabled the images of that page and then turn on the Opera Turbo and you will get to see the pages loading like at a broadband speed on a dial-up connection, and more if you do not want JavaScript to surface and more security paranoid then simply turn off the JavaScript option and you will be sailing on a faster and speedier internet browsing plus lower monthly subscription bills.

The innovative and distinguished superior search functionality is in built in Opera with Paste and Go (Cltr+Shif+V) saves valuable time as you don’t have to enter on keyboard after writing the website address at the address field.With this version Bing search now added and it is also added  nearer to speed dials , it is welcome addition.

AVG-supported anti-fraud systems and phishing protection introduced in Opera 10.60.
In certain regions, Yandex supplies user malware protection.This is a welcome addition and more and more web browsers should develop these security functions and as always Opera always concerned with speed and innovation and this time also it is first to cross this.Some more improvements are as follows ,an extract from Opera . Appcache: Use in-browser applications such as word processors and spreadsheets even without an Internet connection by storing the necessary files locally.More search: Opera 10.60 includes several search engines for the user to choose for themselves. Opera has added the Bing search engine as one of the choices, in addition to the default Google search.Search suggestions: With websites such as Wikipedia, get instant search suggestions to complement your search experience.

Improved design: New design features such as an improved Menu button and icon tabs make day-to-day use of Opera even faster and easier. With the Speed Dial, another Opera first, get to your favorite websites with just a single click of the mouse.

With this version of Opera 10.60 , the more visible significant effort done by the Opera team is for  HTML5 Appcache and Web Workers: Appcache lets you use different applications, such as word processor, image editor, spreadsheets and much more, in your web browser even when offline. Web developers can now also use HTML5 Web Workers for doing heavy calculations without making the browsing slower for the user.It is significant and futuristic and a welcome move .

Opera�s cross-platform web-browser technology is renowned for its performance, standards compliance and small size, while giving users a faster, safer and more dynamic online experience.

This authors thought on web browser is as follows. First march is most of the government owned sites run on Internet Explorer so it is must and the second is IE though slow on loading some of JavaScript enabled sites but after loading it runs speedily take a look at Blogger , after complete loading Blogger editing is as fast as said and done. One thing is lacking the handling of api in websites or HTML 5 and it is not good with IE8 , the best for this is Safari 5 and Opera for speed, innovation, one line can be attributed to Opera , it is an all rounder- a versatile browser who is expert at many things. It is a must. This website loads pretty fast with Opera, its outbrain functionality not working with Opera ,but it is showing at Safari and IE*.
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