Indian National

Gandhi on Juhu Beach, Mumbai, May 1944.


National  Animal:-                              Tiger (Panthera tigris)

National Anthem:-                             Jan Gan Man by Maharshi Rabindranath Tagore

National Aquatic Animal:-             River Dolphin

National Bird:                                      The Indian Peacock (Pavo christatus)

National Calendar:                            Based on the Saka Era, Chaitra as the opening month with 365-day    

                                                                   year adopted from 22.03.57  along with the Gregorian Calendar       

National Days:                                     Independence Day(15th of August), Republican Day(26th of 

                                                                   January & Gandhi Jayanti(02nd October)

National Flag:                                      Tricolor (horizontal) of deep saffron (top), white middle and                                                                          dark  green (bottom) with Ashoka Chakra at the centre.

National Flower:                                Lotus(Nelumbo Nucipera Gaerta)

National Game:                                  Hockey

National River:                                   The Ganga or Ganges

National Song:                                    Vande Mataram by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

National Tree:                                     The Banyan Tree(Ficus bengalensis)


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