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About Connect:uickly turn your website or blog into a place where people meet and get to know each other with Friend Connect’s easy-to-use features.Enabling Connect on your website couldn’t be easier. All it takes is entering your website’s URL and name when first signing into your Connect account. You don’t have to worry about downloading or uploading files; Connect does the work for you.

Adding Connect features to a website requires no programming skills; you just copy and paste snippets of HTML code onto your site. You can can also add custom integrations with Connect’s API.

The members gadget makes registration simple, letting users sign in to your website with existing account information (e.g. Google, , AOL) so they spend less time filling in forms and more time exploring your site. The members gadget also lets users create or profiles (e.g. Twitter), discover other users and send private messages to each other. Choose from a range of social gadgets that let users post comments, post links, rate, review and more. The gadget gallery includes gadgets created by Google and OpenSocial developers.

Hi, Google Connect Word Press Commenting Plug-in has some vital significance.It is to comment using the new and exciting Google Friend Connect API in .

If you try to leave a comment to this post, you will have an option to sign-in using your Google Friend Connect ID (which can be a Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID). Once you sign in, a user account will be automatically created for you using which you can leave your comment.Not to  remembering multiple passwords for multiple sites and enjoy the freedom that Friend Connect brings with it!   

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Google Connect plugins make it easier for visitors to login and comment on popular blogging and content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and phpBB.

Google Connect provides a simple means of one-click user authentication using a pre-existing Google, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID account. This means that a user doesn’t need to create a new account for every site that he comes across.

By integrating the appropriate Google Connect plugin a user can visit your site, click once, leave a comment, and instantly present their profile from popular services such as Twitter, Orkut, and others.

Word Press Commenting Plug-in

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