Create thumbnail prevue in explorer resemble celluloid reels

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Hi,after a decent weekend,with lots of free time on this weekend and leisure mind now starting to write one article.Yeah guess right ,shall be writing about Windows 7.Having bought Windows 7 premium and installed it, and it looks good great eye candy, though in practice ,not fond of candies and goodies. Today , writing  about one such eye candy that is visual percept or visual image part of Windows 7.

In real it is not useful in any way , it is a visual percept.It is basically how to create thumbnail prevue in explorer resemble celluloid reels or look like snippets of film or in simple to say to make it like a film reel.With little sprocket holes along the sides that is Roller that has teeth on the rims to pull film or paper through . A fashionable or attractive and dazzling to look at.

Be careful as you have to manipulate the Windows registry as Microsoft says about Windows registry :Windows stores its configuration information in a database called the registry. (The registry editor that ships with Windows is regedit.exe.) The registry contains profiles for each user of the computer and information about system hardware, installed programs, and property settings. Windows continually references this information during its operation.

Incorrectly editing the registry may severely damage your system. At the very least, you should back up any valued data on the computer before making changes to the registry. Here is the methodology of how to create thumbnail prevue in explorer resemble celluloid reels.

Here is how:

  • Open the registry editor and travel to the following key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT SystemFileAssociations image
  • In the right details pane, right click Treatment and select Modify. vIn the Edit DWORD (32-bit) Value dialog box, change the hexadecimal value in the Value Data field to 3 (the default is 2).
  • Close the registry editor and reboot the computer

Sources & Citations: win7news


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