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Everyone regards to encounter interprets on their blog, it supporters to develop a profession and create from raw stuffs you find unscheduled  as a blog  to learn .CommentLuv word press plug-in to help give something back to every single commentator as well as entice them to come back and visit more often by automatically adding a titled link to their last blog post at the end of their comment. It is one type of SEO and you comment and adding yours blog�s latest posts simultaneously makes you visible and it is gain and gain for both the sides as the commenter puts his blog address and the blog author get the comment and reciprocates the visit.It�s done fantastically well with tens of thousands of comments every day receiving a little luv. Which one can say as the commenter now can put his link in the comment and thus visible to the world.In September 2008 a new generation of CommentLuv became available utilizing AJAX and platform independent technologies which brought about support for Blogger, Typepad, GoDaddy Blogs, Drupal and Expression Engine.A new and improved backend fetching and database script was commissioned . The origination of an API reserves plugin users to communicate their  written material of CommentLuv and  ready the winning of nutrients and storing of applied math in a point occupation. The CommentLuv plugin has gone through many updates and improvements over it�s lifespan since the first WordPress only release in 2007. Some out-of-pocket to transfers in bailiwick, some fixed charge to human quest and by and large out-of-pocket to an increment in  noesis! Now the plugin can run on multiple platforms, is more stable, has better functionality, is easier to install and is open for other developers to tinker with and improve.virtually  sport and advance  to CommentLuv over the preceding 2 period has been at the subject matter (and past s call for!) of you, the human so feel for released to get in junction if you have whatever mesmerisms or speech act for the plugin, base or API.

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