BOClean, now a part of Comodo Internet Security

Fake virus alert

BOClean, now a part of Comodo Internet Security,sounds strange but it is true. What is , silently runs in the background monitoring the memory for any malware-related activity.In discovering, the mallware, it deletes it silently.With unique memory-detection system , a set it and forget type anti mallware it is and it believes to be faster than anti virus in detecting the mallwares. Earlier it was available as separate application from but now a part of Internet Security, it runs silently in the background, monitoring your PC and waiting to root out and destroy malware whenever it enters.Earlier BOClean was and a separate application and now you can get it from Comodo Internet Security. BOClean can remove bad registry entries,monitor the suspicious activities, no reboot after mallware elimination ,light on system resources as it is a high point as compared to earlier version of separate BOClean have tendency to drain out system reosurces.BOClean is now included in Comodo Internet Security and low on system reosurces it is one plus point.It gives protection against "Trojan Horse" attacks, proxies, and relays.It has automatic silent updates.BOClean expertly removes any "hooks" the malware may have injected into the system, and restores its original condition. BOClean has very less false alarms ,generates well documeted reports after mallware removal ,fully automated malware removal, no complicated steps or no system restart after removal ,great self protection of BOClean thorugh optional hidden configuration so it cannot be tampered with .System Requirements:Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2 .128 MB RAM / 210 MB hard disk space. Downloads: Knowledgebase ,BOClean VDO , BOCleann 100% Free Download

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