A few strtegies for a successful SEO and web promotion campaign


The most important step to any SEO campaign is keyword research.As most of the visitors to yours website is from search engines and search engines primarily obtains results from a key word searches from the uses.Optimizing key words , meta tagging and unique search mechanisms as well as SEO are vital aspects of few strategies for a successful web promotional campaign.Getting and searching your webpage as a niche content is one significant factor, say this website http://www.ittech.cz.cc is significantly based on it, tech, freebies,mobile and so on and among all these there can be one niche or significant area which this website represents that can predominantly the tech related prosumerism or some thoughtful articles based on tech related day to day problem generated from various problematic situational advantages.You should come up with a list of potential keywords that your customers would use to find you on the web.Then use Google keyword search tool and search yours search terms which you have been specifying as niche in this entire web world and observe the trend it can be ascending or can be descending depending upon the circumstances and the search strength tools. If you are using Blogger then now it has in built analytics tools which can respond to you enough specifications so that you can use it at will and at strength of yours.Then you shortlist the key words which can be used to search yours page or arrive from search engines like Google then you can have then lists all those key words in the spread sheet then research it more through some advanced key word search mechanisms. Go to Google webmaster and search for yours website�s indexed pages,inbound links,sitemap,page rank and so on. Then give some quality writings in yours web page or weblog so that the visitors will be reaching to you time and again and thus increasing yours page rank and value of yours website to an entire umpteenth level.Make sure all the on page dynamics such as header tags, meta tags, alt tags for images and HTML code is done correctly.Create a proper site map and submit to most popular search engines also make as much as good affiliate so that it will fetch more visitors to various indirect links and link through.Back linking is most important aspect and Google also sees it a  a populist view so the million dollar question is how to increase back links and backlinks without reciprocal back links.Good back linking takes time and effort, this cannot be accomplished over night.Try to get backlinks from higher ranked in terms of page ranked web pages, Join Technoratti, Blog catalogue like web sites those will give you much anticipated back linking thus increasing yours potential visitors and making yours webpage more and more popular.You should also avoid any link scams, link farms or questionable linking strategies. You can set up You Tube VDO channel as yours blog�s supplementary addition so that it will fetch some more various facetious visitors to yours blog and also it will bring visual phenomenon to yours blog also.Email marketing allows you to keep track and communicate with your customers and potential customers.Web 2.0 and article marketing are newer trends but gives significant stimulus to yours blog traffic thus making it more popular and more vivid viewing of yours blog.Offline promoting of yours web page or weblog can be good and prominent and most productive ideas which you can rely upon the most. You can print yours blog address on yours snail mail or you can print it on yours visiting card or you can make word of mouth or you can convene to any person in any of the get together which you can join or attain or else you can make any new innovative approaches so that yours blog will be visible always.

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