Update your feed by Pinging FeedBurner

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Update your feed by Pinging FeedBurner. It is as easy as said and done, As pinging is one important aspect of SEO that is search engine optimisation that is driving more traffic to yours weblog or website as the ultimate goal and achievement of yours can be truthfully justified if yours weblog or website can be more popular and can unique with lots of traffic drive into to it.Ping FeedBurner using this form and we’ll update your feed immediately,instead of feedburner�s inbuilt 30 minutes interval of pinging yours blog�s feed.Provide the address of the Web site hosting the source feed (example: http://www.myblogsite.com). Say  for example this blog�s feed is :http://feeds.feedburner.com/Ittech  . Screenshot :

Update your feed by Pinging FeedBurner

Then hit the �Ping Feedburner� button to ping yours feed and you can bookmark this page after hitting the �Ping Feedburner� button and can easily and seamlessly update yours feed as and when you can. This form implements FeedBurner’s underlying Ping and Extended Ping XML-RPC API. After pinging the feed burner you will get the message of successfully pinging of yours blog �Successfully pinged�.

So, you can go here and Ping FeedBurner .

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