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How to speed up Windows 7 shutdown time . In Windows 7 there is an option called "Force Shutdown" with this you can speed up the shutdown on a one-time basis.Why you need this instead of regualt slow shutdown and it is safer . Sometimes with multiple works in the environment of Windows , some programme may stack and makes some peculiar phenomenon of Windows which can wait you forever for these unresponsive programs  to shut down.It is a user�s irritation no doubt about it , when after the work finished you want to shut down yours Windows and go back to yours home but suddenly this phenomenon happens then you can opt in for "Force Shutdown" which is now available in Windows 7 or if you think geek then a way to edit the registry to kill those programs more quickly. Here is how:

    • Open your registry editor.
    • Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Control
    • right pane, right click the entry WaitToKillService
    • Select Modify.
    • Change the value data to a lower number, such as 6000 (the default is 12000, for 12 seconds).
    • Click OK and close the registry editor. As always, be sure to back up the registry before making changes to it.

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