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You may receive an error message when you try to install Internet Explorer are many ways to solve 8 installation problems.There are lots of causes for this effect that is Internet Explorer 8 installation problems. Let us analyze all this and find the root cause of this problem. As we know Internet Explorer 8  is by far Microsoft�s most versatile internet platform for browsing for and if it is not installed properly then bound to have some worries so let us face this problem and find the solution.This article inspired from Support .To install Internet Explorer 8 on , some additional required components and prerequisites For Windows XP Service Pack 2 install KB946501. For more information about the installation prerequisites, visit the following Microsoft website: "Internet Explorer 8 Installation Prerequisites". If the installation of Internet Explorer 8 fails then scan yours computer for malware and wait to see if anything is infected.Remember to update yours antimalware and windows to latest security updates.Yours second option can be , to disable anti malware while installation of Internet Explorer 8 and watch if it can be installed successfully or not.As soon as you complete this method, make sure that the virus scanner is enabled as well as antispyware is enabled.Third option can be start your computer in a "clean boot" state.After you start your computer in a clean boot state, try to install Internet Explorer 8 again. If this method is successful then start the computer �standard startup � mode .(Via:Microsoft Support)

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