Online safety tips and safeguards

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1

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More damaging effects of malwares include cause & effect : Followings to be avoided before connecting to the internet.

1.    Lower connection speeds
2.    Software freezing
3.    System crashes
4.    Unwanted disc usage
5.    Piggy-backing on software downloads
6.    Drive-by-download through IE
7.    Rouge-antimalware
8.    System behaves suspiciously
9.    External media not scanned always
10.    Receive files from unknown email senders
11.    Hoaxes
12.    Scams
13.    Privacy intrusion on Social networking sites
14.    Using unsecure passwords
15.    Unreliable internet proxies
16.    Leaving yours search
17.    Unrestricted access to content hosted on a personal space
18.    Key loggers installed
19.    Unsafe surfing practices
20.    Bluetooth intrusions
21.    Unsecure Wi-Fi connectivity with other devices
22.    Allowing �shoulder-surfing
23.    No firewalls
24.    Snoopwares

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