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Excited to see Firefox 4 Beta releases and its beta period is in extension as this shows the intense seriousness of engineers in developing it as in the early days of it , it shows a major competitor to Internet Explorer but with due course of time Opera emerges and then Chrome and also Safari improved a lot.For this the 4 Beta and its final release will be of optimum importance in the survival and in the future of . As the unique of plug ins and add ons of has been taken over by Chrome with lots of extensions and also now Opera 11 and its ever-growing add-ons. 4 Beta now have Firefox Sync in built as it is nothing new it is available on Opera as Opera link but it is important for Firefox to grow in the long run.The expanded support for 3D graphics in the ,a revamped Firefox Add-ons Manager are some of major improvement for Firefox.Firefox 4 Beta now supports WebGL for most modern built-in graphics cards, making it easier for developers to create interactive 3D games, vivid graphics and new visual experiences for the Web without the use of third-party plug-ins. On Windows (including Windows XP), hardware acceleration is done using DirectX technology; on Mac OS X, it�s done using OpenGL.Boosting JavaScript Performance with J�gerMonkey .

J�gerMonkey is an invisible but powerful addition to Firefox 4 Beta. The Firefox SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine now incorporates the new J�gerMonkey JIT compiler, which, along with enhancements to the existing TraceMonkey JIT and SpiderMonkey�s interpreter, add up to speeds that really show off today�s rich Web apps. You�ll notice this in faster start-up time, improved page-load speed and the performance of Web apps and games.

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HTML5 technology also available with this beta version.Now, add-ons update automatically with the Firefox Add-Ons Manager enables add-ons to update automatically so your add-ons are always up to date.This brings security issue to more prominence as of late Firefox security has been from time to time been threatened due to some security issues of various add-ons of Firefox.Support for Exquisite Fonts with OpenType. Panorama, App Tabs are some more innovative add-ons and new features from Firefox beta .So, in this verson of Firefox, we can assume a more revamped Firefox Add-ons Manager.

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