Create a scheduled task to defrag your disk in XP

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How to create a scheduled task to defrag your disk in XP if you do not have a modern solid state drive (SSD),then you have to defrag yours hard disc in order to make it efficient and wonderful and faster.It is one class of time management technique which you can rely upon.XP does not automatically run defrag function like Vista and Windows 7 do. So in this write up we will be creating one schedule defrag function by using Windows XP features so that you will not doing this manually.Here is how. (Source: WXPnews )

  • Go to Start | Control Panel
  • Left Click the Scheduled Tasks applet.
  • Scheduled Task Wizard  go to "Click the program you want Windows to run," left click the Browse button.
  • At the File Name field, enter: %systemroot% system32 defrag.exe
  • Enter the name for the task or you can accpet the defualt task name �defrag�
  • Under "Perform this task:" select Weekly to perform the action. Left click Next.
  • Set the Start time, and day of the week , choose a time when you will be using the computer so that the task will be completed successfully at the schedule time spot.
  • Enter the password for the user account and left click Next.
  • Click on the check box which says "Open advanced properties for this task when I click Finish" and then left click Finish.
  • At the Task tab, in the Run field, after "C: WINDOWS system32 defrag.exe," enter a space and then the drive letter of the drive you want to defrag. Click OK.

Now the scheduled defrag function will run in a reflex manner that is automatically at the scheduled time.

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