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Surprised with the heading �change the default wallpaper folder in XP� , may be you should , and may be thinking that am still with XP, yeah you are absolutely right and correct though preparing to desert XP on April 2014,but I vow to use it beyond that and far beyond to 2014. The truth is I have on one of my Dell laptop 7 and one desktop with Vista but I still prefer XP among all the OS and the reason I searched for it due to my personal liking with XP. Now about this article. XP comes with number of built-in horrible which I do not like most and for this I have to use third party .So, how to alter the default wallpaper folder in XP.Personal customization is easy by right clicking a photo on a website and selecting "Set as wallpaper" . Surprisingly you will not find that wallpaper on any drive except drive �C�, and after going through the �Windows � folder , which is as risky as walking in the middle of the road. So, I always thought of customizing my �My Pictures� of �My Documents�, so that with some left clicks I can customize wallpaper folder or can edit or delete the wallpaper which no longer in use.You can edit the registry to make XP look in a different folder for when you change the wallpaper via the Display Properties dialog box.Back up yours registry before any editing of it also be cautioned that editing registry may harm yours OS , so it is preferable to edit the registry with good guidance.

  • Go to registry editor and navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE MicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion  .
  • In the right details pane, double click the value WallPaperDir
  • Double click the value and in the Value Data field, enter the path to the folder you want to use as the default (for example, c: Documents and Settings username My Documents My Pictures).
  • Shut down registry editor.

No reboot necessary and the next time you open the dialog box , yours image should open in My Pictures folder plus all the default ,preinstalled wallpapers of XP.


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