Change the default wallpaper folder in xp

Last updated on July 26th, 2019 at 10:22 am

Windows XP from Microsoft is one of the best operating system released so far and with it brilliant and vibrant visualisation and nice user interface it increases use o this wonderful operating system to many folds. Windows XP had good default wallpapers but there is no easy way to add wallpapers to its default folder. You have to do it manually in order to show wallpapers. In this article we will learn in depth about, how we can change default wallpaper folder in it and how to add ours own set up wallpapers to it.

In the display properties and then desktop tab and in the background sub tab, you will find the lists of wall papers beginning with none and then ascent, autumn, azul, bliss and so on and then you can position these wallpapers and then colors but you can only add wallpapers by browse button at the right side of it but by default there will not be other wallpapers inside background selection.

First we need to change the wallpaper default folder. There is no way in normal way you can change it so you should go for editing registry to attend it. Open the run command and write down regedit.exe and then open the registry editor with it. Then search for this route.


Here you will find ‘WallPaperDir’ from the right hand side of registry editor. It is known as the key in registry editor and it provides information regarding default folder for wall paper to be used with Windows XP. If on some machines ‘WallPaperDir’ is not visible then create it and put the name same on to it. Then double click on the key and then it will show up the edit string and then the value data put the directory of folder you want to show up as default wallpaper folder and then click on ok and save it.  

When you add images to that new default folder you will find a host of new images which you add while changing desktop properties and changing wallpaper for Windows.

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