Mobile blogging for My Opera: 2

Sometimes ago with due curiosity ,started my  Opera blog at my Opera, simple yet powerful function.Mobile blogging can be created for Opera blog,please read it on to know how exactly it can be done.So , you can update your blog by sending MMS from yours mobile to yours blog at my Opera.So,when you have something to offer to your blog , then you can do so while you are on the go by using Opera’s mobile blog feature in the My Opera community.

Step 1: Enable MMS

First enable the MMS function for your blog  to update your blog from your mobile phone.check the "Enable MMS" box when you first create your blog in My Opera. Go to your blog�s setting page, and check the "Enable MMS" checkbox.Then within few moments you will receive a secret MMS key for your blog.This key is exclusive for you so do not share it as Opera will validate the MMS post of yours with this key. After log in to yours blog ,you can find MMS key on the sidebar of your account page as well as on yours blog�s home page.Just enter the text into your phone and stay in touch at all times.

Step 2: The procedure

Send an MMS containing your text to your secret key.That text will show up to yours blog as a new posting.If your phone has Opera Mini then log in to yours blog address and can check also yours latest posting.Your Post Has Landed.

Mobile blogging for opera

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