SEO Content Writing special 2

- Search engine optimization like Google,yahoo,Bing etc. search engines should be looking yours content and updates it as well as you update yours post. It sounds simple but it is a far more complex logarithm and constant and continuing shift of search engines techniques , is constantly changing so as to say it is a dynamic trend.In simpler term is increase visibility with the leading search engines.


Writing is an art and its content is mind but that does not guarantee that yours writing will be visible all across.There are certain parameters your website content, blog posts, articles submitted to online directories will depend upon for their visibility in the leading search engines.As there is no hard and fast rule for top SEO optimization but there exists some basic but strong rules.In order to increase website page rank , you should write in such a way so that you8rs contents must be relevant for a large section of audiences so that they will be linking yours post and thus you get back linked.The more you back linked you get more traffic and thus increase yours blog�s traffic.

The question is how to get back linked and it is simple , it depends upon yours content and the resources which you are giving in the form of articles. So,this underlines the fact that the contents should be in such way that it should satisfy  yours readers so that they will back link in their blog as well as other forums.

While talking about forum comes to light one more fruitful way is to enhance yours blog�s SEO through efficient forum ,like you should join good and popular forums as well as be active in these forums and do not give just normal answers or responses, yours response should content lots of input signals of the topics in which you are writing responses and in such a way it may add-on on the original articles.

The next step should be , you should write the heading of yours articles once in the articles of that heading so that search engines tend to catch it faster and indexing becomes easy and manageable and thus enhancing yours blog/website SEO capacities. Use appropriate tag for yours content will index yours weblog faster with search engines like Google and Bing and so on. Though tagging concept is very basic but ti is also most fruitful and also most successful SEO technology so always tag yours articles so that search engines will catch it up easily.

Tagging also has one more additional benefits , that is it can index yours related posts within yours weblog articles and it will categories posts in the name of related post and also it will also enliven the dead links of yours blogs and make it index again. In a way tagging gives you double benefit , one it index yours own article collection and makes it related or similar posts and the second it will help the search engines to search and optimize yours blog easily thus increase yours visibility of yours blog in the search engines like Google, Bing and so on.

So, all the fact comes to good writing and even more good concept but bad writing can overkill yours blog so try to write simple and steady language for yours blog.Write it more on serious note and also involve in the subject matter and keep it short and simple and to the point.If you can afford, you can pay some one to write also or involve more time of yours in content writing and content development and content creation.

Make content writing timeless so that after two to three years people will back to yours weblog for reference .This means make yours article time less and update it according to the times and situations. Write and develop yours strategies keeping in m y long term perspectives as short term gain will fetch users and readers to yours blog but after some times it may hamper yours reputation as always there is a scope for unethical so always be ethical and practice as you preach.

Ping yours blog regularly and also ping rss feed of yours weblog regularly by putting yours feed.This will attract search engines more, you can ping individual article links of yours blog regularly. Do not ping most frequently as excess is always bad but do it in some comfortable interval of time. Generally it is seen that most of the times frequently updated blogs , try to update two to three times in a week, has more chance of search engines attention than the stealth blog for some period of time.  Search engines always fond of frequently updated posts as they want to crawl every new posts and for this frequently updated post will be giving more attention to search engines.

Find the most recent and hot topic that is through watching news or search through Google trend or Yahoo buzz or Ebay pulse.Read good and successful blog and try to follow their trend and writing style and observe it but do not copy it and convert it to yours own style a short of glocalisation you can do it yourself and also approach how they are writing posts, their approach, language styles and also persona in writing and also fonts they use their style of writing and also screenshot placements , header styles and also the whole some styles and learn from them and try to match them and then create yours own style and try to be niche with yourself in yours arena.


Try to write curious topics as human is rational and always wants to see every events in the goggles of curiosity so be smart and try to write some curious ,eagerly interested and sometimes a cocktail of topic so that  yours reader will be attached to yours article.Like as all say �a trap door that makes me curious� style articles.Eager to investigate and learn more articles sometimes about readers concerns, a curious child is teacher�s delight  like the peculiar aromatic odor of cloves.

Go to others bloggers blog and comment them and also points out that they are wrong in such articles and give the examples of yours article link in their blog and thus traffic can come to yours blog through those blogs and for this extreme content of wonderful imaginative cognitive ideas is a necessity and for this you have to write some imaginative and creative are right the buck stops here.

Do not put nasty comments on others blog, try to be ethical just like the white hat blogging and you will realize soon traffic will be poring in in to yours weblog.Designing yours website is of prime importance as it will stick the visitors with its good GUI and the clarity of presentation so if you are blogger try to choose some wide them as most of default theme of blogger is narrow so try to opt for some wider theme free and the paid version is available and get it which ever suits yours style and budget and if you are at self hosted word press blog then you can master the designs with many options of comprehensive themes and you can choose them from and then design it and optimize with plug ins but do not install many plugins as it may or sure will slow down yours word press blog so choose the plugins judiciously and make customized for yours readers not for you keeping always this fact in yours mind is important aspect of blog optimization and it  also links straight and direct with SEO.

Finally submit yours blog to as many blog directory as you can and submit yours rss feed of the blog to as many directory permissible as you can.



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