Keep spyware off from yours computer?

Spyware is a software that can perform certain functions on yours computer without yours knowledge.It works in a dubious way like showing advertisements,changing yours PC configurations or encroach  yours personal informations  and send to its creator anonymously.It can slows down yours computer or even make it crash or random restart.It can change yours web browser�s home page , especially of Internet Explorer or can change the default search page of yours default internet browser or can install some uninstallable plug ins on these internet browsers.These programs also make it very difficult for you to change your settings back to the way you originally had them. Your computer takes longer than usual to complete certain tasks. Spyware veils itself , tries to show itself as legitimate application and secretly resides as one more data link library (DLL) or registry setting where the layman cannot search and find it easily , it can bloat yours computer memory and make yours system slave of it and then all the slow starts and restarts and other problems pop up.These types of unwanted programs are often labeled as spyware. So, this shows spywares are unwanted and parasites and it is better to get rid of them soon for better, it is always better late than never.How to keep spyware off from yours computer. Let us throw some light on this topic.

  • Avoid installations of music or video file sharing program.
  • Whenever you install softwares on yours computer read license agreement and privacy statement of it.Software installation may include some unwanted softwares so better read the documents prior installation.
  • Use Comodo Time Machine for safe computing, even if you install bad softwares , you have the option to revert back to original PC installation.
  • Use one good antispyware programme , it is better to use it as real time scanner or you can use it for on demand scanner.
  • As a rule of law a antispyware is good when it is constantly updated otherwise it is as bad as a spyware itself.
  • If using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, turn off its ability to run scripts without your permission.
  • Use a firewall , windows firewall is good or you can use other third party firewalls, I prefer to use the default windows firewall .
  • Close the popup with the "X" on the title bar, do not use the "close" link, if there are any available within the window.
  • Download programs from the website you know have high reputations otherwise do not download from unknown websites.
  • Be careful while using the email links , click the links you familiar with , otherwise skip the step.


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