Include system files in the search index in Windows 7

At default settings of yours ,does not let in system files – evenĀ  you add the system drive root to the index.Primarily, the reason behind this must be not to endanger the system files as slight modification by the user on system files unknowingly,may result in serious damage to yours Operating system.This is a boon for non-power users.

But as a techie like this author and lots of readers , we want to know how to include system files in the index in Windows 7.As learning the system files and system files locations and how it works benefits the techie mind.Here is how to change that conduct of index to include system files in search index.(Courtesy:win7news )

    1. In Windows Explorer, click Tools | Folder Options
    2. Click the Search tab
    3. Click "include system directories" under the section "When searching non- indexed locations."
    4. Under "How to Search," check the option "Don’t use the index when searching in file folders for system files (searches might take longer)"

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