How to change the border surface thickness in Windows 7

is so far great in its functionalities and utter charmness.The heavy border on is great to look at when you use it with Aero transparency but sometimes while doing some works on coding or heavy duty works like making some projects or documentation personally this author prefers thinner border that is relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section border.This might be easily configured to suit yours needs of thinner border or else if you wish you can or might make them more thicker so please read it on.

  • Right click on Desktop and select Personalize.
  • Left click Window Color at the bottom.
  • Left click Advanced appearance settings… link’
  • Advanced Appearance dialog box inside drop-down box under "Item:" choose Border Padding.
  • In the "Size" field,alter the default (4) to a lower number to cut down the size of the border surface thickness in Windows 7 or the larger number to increment the size of border.
  • Left Click OK.

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Sources & Citations: Win7News( Vol. 2, # 32 – Aug 12, 2010 – Issue # 48 )

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