Disable Homegroup in Windows 7

a new feature incorporated in Windows 7,not available in Windows XP and Vista.Through multiples Windows 7 computers can be networked easily .But Windows XP and Vista computers can’t join a so if these are in yours network then Home group cannot be successfully implemented  and still service will run and utilise resources on yours Windows 7 computer , so in such a scenario it is better to disable in Windows 7. Here is how:

    • Start>>>Control Panel>>>Network and Sharing Center
    • Click "Choose homegroup and sharing options" under the "Change your network settings"
    • Homegroup settings window, click "Leave the homegroup" and confirm that you want to do this.
    • Start and in the Search box, type services.msc
    • In the Services list, search for both the Homegroup Listener and Homegroup Provider services and alter the start up type to disabled for both. Click OK.

Now, you have disabled Homegroup in yours Windows 7 computer.Now Homegroup service will not start with Windows 7 and it will not utilise any of yours system resources.

(Credit:Win7News Vol. 2, # 36 – Sep 9, 2010 – Issue # 52 )

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