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An unprotected computer is virtually an open invitation for cyber criminals, whose numbers run in the thousands on the Internet today, and can easily cause considerable damage for average users. An vulnerable computer is nigh an give letter for cyber feloniouss, whose figure running game in the yards on the Internet twenty-four hours, and can  causal agent substantial actus reus for cipher someones. Norton Antivirus 2010 1-User/3PC

 Adware, Hijacker, Tracking Cookies,Spyware :
BitDefender Antivirus for Mac/Windows - 2 PCs, 2 Years

Your personal data and online habits are invaluable to many companies for various reasons. Whether they sell the gathered information for a lot of money without your consent, use it for advertising purposes or misuse it for criminal purposes – a lot of companies simply don’t hesitate to install software (spyware) on your computer that violates your privacy and spies on personal data. However, the term adware refers to software that displays advertisements without the users consent. Those ads can be a pain in the ass and are hard to get rid of. Hijacker manipulate your browser in a way that it only displays certain unknown webpages, again without the user’s consent. On the other hand, cookies pose no direct threat since they only collect information about your surf habits and communicate them to a third party. Anti-virus suit  rids your pc reliably of spyware, adware and other tiresome spies.Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware – 2 Year Subscription

Trojans, Rootkits , Keylogger:
McAfee AntiVirus Plus 3User 2010
A keylogger secretly records all keyboard activity and thus spies on e.g. contact and account information during online banking. Trojans are hidden programs that appear to be something desirable for the user and instead enable unauthorized access to your computer. So-called rootkits belong to the same malware category and aim at hiding malware (malicious software) from anti-virus programs and users alike. suit detects and removes such “hidden” malware and even rootkits reliably.

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 3-User

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