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I have been blogging for more than three years for now till to date and time and again am anxious and excited to show the numbers of visitors I have had in my blog and feels proud for it so likely so but earlier I have to rely more often than not on some like Statscounter etc. but the problem with these gadgets is also there culminating as there are some important significant privacy issues as these counters inserts some cookies on user�s system and track the user�s statistics with these and these can be harmful and can draw upon some unethical practices which ultimately can harm any blog which have implemented these .So , time and again webmasters more reluctant to use these products meant for gathering the stats of their WebPages.Blogger help me out as back in July Blogger introduces the new stats gadget , the in built gadgets related to stats straight from Blogger in the Blogger draft section and now it graduates from the draft section and now in the Blogger and it is new and much improved .Blog�s Stats gadgets can be added to your blog right now from the Gadget Directory by clicking Add a gadget from the Design | Page Elements tab.This stats gadget takes advantage of the traffic data and analyses it and then can be shown to the public. Stats is an important piece of information for public utility  as well as for permutations and combinations of Blogger and webmaster and it can be directly proportional to revenue earning and also can be illustrated in the immaculate  sense of yours blog�s popularity.With these you can have real time tracking of yours visitors and more insightful information can be generated upon like top search keywords, countries, browsers, and more.Great user interface. Beautiful, easy-to-read graphs and charts with lots of more clarity and the important aspect is it is straight in yours Blogger dashboard.

As Blogger Buzz says

�The Blog�s Stats gadget lets you show off page view data for your blog, with a handful of configuration options that are easily controlled. You can choose from a variety of styles and display options to suit your blog.�

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