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Google is keen to save yours and protect yours privacy. takes it as responsibility to protect your . It lets you know what information it collects when you use its products and services, why it collects it and how it uses it to improve your experience.5 privacy principles of Google  that describe how it approaches privacy and user information across all of its products. This Privacy Center was created to provide you with easy-to-understand information about Google  products and policies to help you make more informed choices about which products you use, how to use them, and what information you provide to Google .These are 5 privacy principles of Google.

  1. Use information to provide our users with valuable products and services.
  2. Develop products that reflect strong privacy standards and practices.
  3. Make the collection of personal information transparent.
  4. Give users meaningful choices to protect their privacy.
  5. Be a responsible steward of the information we hold.

Google’s Privacy Policy describes how it treats personal information when you use Google’s products and services.Go here for more detail. Find out more details about the updates and read the new policy. The updated policy will take effect on October 3, 2010.

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