Oh! Had I the Charm, Speed and Wings of a Dove


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A dove, perhaps, has a pair of most powerful eyes which view a grain of paddy from a great height it flies, It comes down with great speed to pounce upon the booty and never becomes restive even temporarily, humming and running on the object as if it is in a hurry to fly back home. Its roving eyes have the greatest godly bliss.

A dove is one of the busiest of birds which never stops on the work-field. God has given it one of the best eye-sight ever any living-being has and a speed to fly and counter-fly. Its reverse-gear is as sharp as its take-off.

A dove is said to be a messenger of peace. It stays tension-free and unruffled under adverse circumstances, performing its habitual cores singing the same song with the same music. Never horrified and perfectly calm, it has the unique power of concentration and poetic charm aesthetically woven together to muse and  amuse mankind with its heavenly poise.

A dove endeared never leaves its master and stays with him singing to his tune and giving him the much-needed peace of mind, relegating his woes to the background for a considerable period of time.

Oh! how I wish to have the speed, charm and wings of a dove. 

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