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As an avid and die-hard fan of blogger, I always expected more and more from Blogger�s never ending features.Blogger�s commenting system has come of age with constant improvements and features add-ons.For long the the lacking point on Blogger�s system is its spam protection and of late this has been done by Blogger.Earlier I was using Intensedebate and then Disqus commenting system solely for the utmost purpose of antispam protection and complete control over user�s .As always commenting on is most significant factor as it gives a user interaction platform as it makes a conversation, not a monologue. Blogger introduces two new improvements to Blogger�s comments system, a better spam filtering and the ability to view all comments on your blog in one place.These are indeed some great new cool add-ons on platforms. is an open system where any one can as it should be , if you do not do this then the concept of Blogging will be a vague.There are lots of comments which are useful valuable and intellectual also on the other hand there are some comments which spammers want to promote their products and also make yours blog slow and heavy with lots of out of topic informations.To fight spam, some of you enabled moderation of all comments or required word verification or login. While somewhat effective, these checks limit real-time conversations around your blog.In order to solve this issue Google introduces much polished  spam filtering technologies into the Blogger system. Go to Blogger Dashboard then its the new �Comments� tab .In the Comments tab, there is a Spam sub-tab that shows all the comments that are likely spam.You can go there and delete the spams if you think so or retain the if you think it is relevant to yours topic written in the blog.The comments in the spam inbox is not visible to yours readers so you can delete the spam straight forward from there without a hitch.

Here, you can permanently delete spam comments by selecting them and choosing Delete. You can also mark comments as not spam which can be known as �false positives�.You can choose Not Spam , then the selected comments will be moved out from yours spam folder and

will be immediately published on your blog.These feed backs actions in terms of �false positives� can be a handy for Google to notice the real spams and that too from the real user�s interactions through interactive mechanisms.Please note that spam filtering currently only applies to new comments.You can report the spam filtering issues by clicking on the �Report spam filtering issues� link on the bottom of the Comments | Spam page, or by visiting this Help Forum page. Comments �Inbox� The comments published on yours blog can be viewed from comments inbox.Interface is similar to Gmail the Google�s way.The Comments | Published sub-tab provides a similar view as your email inbox.Here also you can easily search for new comments on yours old articles on the blog.Be careful on one aspect In the Comments | Published sub-tab, you can select comments and mark them as spam or delete them. When you mark a comment as Spam, it will be deleted immediately from your blog. For editorial purposes you can ban any comment by removing them or moving them to spam so that each time that comment appears can be disappeared through spam. Comment moderation is now under Comments tab and new feature add on is that of it allows to mark comment as spam.As always this has been a great feature of Blog�s new comment system a real gift from Google and also hoping for more new innovations and more and more new experiment  that will allow the users to more interactive and I am hoping with these constant innovations and add-ons there will be a day when word press users will rethink to revert back to blogging platform for real usability and wonderful support and feedback. You can read more on Blogger�s own commenting system from here.


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