Google relaunches Instantiations developer tools -now for free

Google come into possession of Instantiations in the beginning of august . Instantiations

a company known for its focus on Eclipse Java developer tools, including GWT Designer. GWT Designer is a powerful Eclipse-based development tools that enable Java developers to quickly create Ajax user interfaces using Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Google on September 16, 2010,Thursday relaunches the following former Instantiations products under the Google name and making them available to all developers at no charge. It is definitely a great news for the developers.The products are GWT Designer,CodePro AnalytiX,WindowBuilder Pro,WindowTester Pro. The next vision for Google is to more deeply unify them into the GWT family of tools by blending the fantastic Instantiations technology into the Google Plugin for Eclipse (GPE). You can download any of the tools from the GWT download page.  (Source)

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