Delete unwanted Messages of Gmail account automatically

Spam messages in yours inbox from annoying friends or family members ,ex-workers or from various vendors, making yours inbox full and wild. You are deleting ,unsubscribing these too also been one or two minutes procedure for each spams or unwanted mails.

While browsing though mine one of the favorite blog Techie Buzz just discovered one article which has good recommendations To set up automatic deletion for emails coming from a particular source in yours Gmail which simply says to you set up a filter or set up rules for Gmail to identify the particular trend and then Gmail can identify that source and will take action for you.

Credit: Techie Buzz

Open one of these unwanted emails.
Click on the drop down arrow next to Reply and select Filter messages like this.
Enter additional criteria if you want like subject and certain words that can identify these messages.
Click on Test Search to make sure gmail is identifying the right messages.
Click on Next Step.
Check the boxes Mark As Read and Delete It.
Click on Create Filter.

The messages will now be deleted from yours Gmail account automatically the sooner it reaches to yours account the sooner it will be eliminated from yours account.


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