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In WordWeb interface is defined as “a program that controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system”. One more definition is The overlap where two theories or phenomena affect each other or have links with each other.As, we already noticed desktop is a simple game that is easy and not involved any complications.The bottom panel is like Windows taskbar. On the right side of the panel is the list of virtual desktops.

The one on the right can be used later and the one one the left of the virtual desktops is currently active.The trash bin is present and it is just like Windows recycle bin.Several menus visible on the desktop.The application menu comprise of all the installed applications. The place menu can be used to approach  the drives and drives of network computers. The system menus as the name suggesting deals with all the system settings,preferences,customizations, in short it can be used to tailor made yours Ubuntu desktop.The other menus are shortcuts in a way can be equated with Windows quick  launch.

How to alter menus and listings:

Right-click on any menu and then click on edit then you will be shown menus and sub menus, there you can add any items or disable any items by using the corresponding check boxes.Drag and drop the menus or items to change the arrangement of the menus.

The network activity icon,current user login icon and the clock are exhibited next to these. As Ubuntu runs on Gnome so there is much similarity of interfaces as many distros are running on it.The right most icon is for log in and log out with system rebooting and shut down commands attached to it.

How to change the log in window theme:

On the right panel , go to user name and right click on it then click set up log in screen ,click local tab,then the list of themes of log in screen displayed also included with it different ways to show log in usernames and customize it as per yours wish.


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