Chitika New Mobile Ads Mean More Revenue For You !

Chitka begin rolling out their new Mobile Ads program across your website(s) from 18 th August!  Now, in addition to your regular Chitika ad revenue, you will earn even more from these new ads targeted to visitors viewing your website on a mobile device.Chitika mobile ads are currently displayed on the iPhone and Android only.  Other devices will be added soon.Chitka ‘s mobile ads are designed specifically for mobile users, and should result in more clicks and more revenue from your mobile traffic stream.  The ads are designed to be noticeable on mobile devices without hurting the experience of your site. is rolling these ads out slowly starting with a small portion of traffic, and then it will slowly increase this until mobile ads are live across the entire Chitka network.Click here for a large preview of what the mobile ads looks like on an iPhone.Mobile ads will be displayed similar to how  Select ads are displayed: only when there is a high chance the ad will result in revenue for you.  So in other words, they will not be displayed 100% of the time. Mobile earnings will depend on your mobile traffic and will work very similar to the way you earn revenue from our regular desktop ads.  There will be separate, custom reporting for mobile ads available very soon. If you have already a Chitka affilate account then  mobile ads will display automatically without any action needed on your part since  you already have Chitka’s ad code running.You can easily disable mobile ads by logging in, and going to ‘My Account’.  You can also re-enable then later if you change your mind or you’d like to test them out.If you have any doubts remain then please go this link to know more knowledge.Join Chitka  and generate more revenue.

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