WinPatrol Supports Unemployed Job Seekers

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These days unemployment can happen to anyone.Job search through computers within internet is a tedious work and for this all you need a decent computers sans spyware,viruses,unwanted start up programs and services and so on and for this WinPatrol PLUS is a boon for job seekers, think about a situation when you have to confront with a virus ridden computer and yours search for job is off in fact a very tricky and difficult situation that is called problem after problem. While listening to a FM station and remembering one commercial ad within that session which is of a mobile handset precisely of Nokia , where the user gets a call for reward but in between the call suddenly the battery discharges and the ad ends with a tagged saying use original Nokia batteries.

Same with Winpatrol , it has one standard version and one Plus version, so standard is free and the plus comes with a price of course.This author ,is regular reader Bits from Bill , the website of Win Patrol author , if I am presumably correct,and on Friday, August 20, 2010 post “Free Security for People Looking for Work” article is interesting, though sad for me that I am on the job, so not eligible for this nice gesture on the part of Bill Pytlovany , but someone looking for a new job, a computer is a must have tool. Unfortunately, they’re also the targets of scam artists who take advantage of folks who need help the most.Bill Pytlovany is giving away the WinPatrol PLUS $29.95 single user license .

Some conditionalities are as follows as Bill Pytlovany  wants yours some sort of yours unemployment proof , if you have ,then screen capture it ,attach it with caption email heading say “I’m unemployed, give me a code” to  Email [email protected] ,requests will be will be processed within 24-48 hours.Some evidence is required like the screen capture of unemployment evidence ,this give away is even available  outside the U.S. If you believe and work with snail mail then you can of course mail to: 

BillP Studios
32 Sunnyside Rd.
Scotia, NY 12302
Include your name and Email address printed clearly in your request.

Bill Pytlovany in his blog writes further this is a limited offer available until the end of August 2010.Bill Pytlovany  challenges other software companies to do the same like this generous idea! .

Visit , for more details :

Free Security for People Looking for Work – WinPatrol Supports Unemployed Job Seekers


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