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An vulnerable computer is nigh an give letter for cyber feloniouss, whose figure running game in the yards on the Internet twenty-four hours, and can  causal agent substantial actus reus for cipher someones. An unprotected computer is virtually an open invitation for cyber criminals, whose numbers run in the thousands on the Internet today, and can easily cause considerable damage for average users. We live in the virtual world as it is sometimes thinking about the fear of virus attacks ,malwares snipping into ours PCs and always on internet connection can be catch sometimes as well as gain ,it can be a loss also sometimes with more formatting and installing of windows and sometimes even more horror stories of users infected their system with viruses and unable to fight with them.This may be boring lengthy line of semantic references but it is true most of the times so best way to defense is to be careful and alert and always use good antivirus or more advanced the good antimalware engines.

Dialer,Worms, Viruses, Bots:

Dialer are small programs that use the computer’s modem for unauthorized connection with an unknown provider (often creator of the dialer) when connecting to the internet. In doing so, those dialers can send the user’s online bill skyrocketing with every new connection. suit prevents dialer from causing any damage.Worms often reach their host computer via e-mail attachments and contain viruses and other malicious software. Unlike viruses, worms almost always cause at least some harm to a computer network by using up bandwidth. Once opened, the attachments can cause great damage. More recent network threats are the so-called botnets, where numerous computers are being infected via exploits and turned into spam sending zombie computers under the control of the worm author.With antivirus suit worms, viruses and bots don’t stand a chance and are being removed reliably in order to avoid any further damage to the owners system. (courtesy ashampoo)

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